BeLaSound is when Berlin welcomes the Latin World for 3 days of music, style and fun.

What if you could take your bike, the subway or a tramway and enjoy 3 days of summer vacation, right in the heart of Berlin ?

More than a regular music festival and far beyond all existing clichés, BeLaSound is a lifestyle event and a cultural bridge between Germany and the Latin countries in Europe and America.

BeLaSound will be the only festival in Berlin presenting local artists, mixed with the best of Latin-American and Latin-European contemporary music, dance, literature, sports and gastronomy.

Besides the music the festival offers unique inter-activities for all ages and tastes.



Let it shine!

In a city known for long and cold winters, there is a feeling that takes over as soon as the first leaves start to show.

Berlin has its own special way to celebrate the summer and, for 3 days, we want to add a modern latin flavor to it.

Come and be a a part of it. Let it shine!



BeLaSound Main Stage

Who said that big capitals are necessarily concrete jungles?

Our Main Stage is conceived to fit discretely into the beautiful nature of our location, the YAAM.

Surrounded by trees, the concert area longs to set new standards for urban festivals.


BeLaSound Location Map

Take a virtual tour into our location and discover all that BeLaSound has got for you.